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Bamboo Series Power Bank

Bamboo Series Power Bank

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Bamboo series power bank of  Trulyway is the project made for aigo  ,  aigo is a high-tech company in Beijing. Aigo was founded in 1993 , provided the High-tech products for the customers.
Business involving computer peripherals, mobile storage and digital entertainment, information security, e-education, as well as emerging areas..
As we Profound understanding brand of aigo .finding they are advocating the Chinese Culture. many products are Integrated into the Chinese traditional culture  elements .In order to continue the Patriot"s brand gene. 
Designed a bamboo series power bank with Chinese bamboo. This series power bank had four kinds .the capacity is 2600mAh、5200mAh、13000mAh、15600mAh. In meeting the needs of attractive 
Bamboo series power bank_Sketch
Bamboo series power bank_Rendering
Bamboo series power bank_The finished product