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Trulyway private mode VR all-in-one, rocking the market now!

Trulyway private mode VR all-in-one, rocking the market now!

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Believe that people are more and more familiar with VR, from the CES show in Las Vegas to Barcelona MWC and then to San Francisco GDC, 2016 is destined to be the industry compelling VR years. Today, VR is widely used in urban planning, tourism, landscape, medicine, entertainment and arts education, military and aerospace, interior design, real estate development, industry and other fields, including simulation, and showing trends unstoppable. However, the current VR on the market in some respects, there are still some limitations, such as: heat problem VR, and battery life problems, more immersive aspect can not be compared with the PC VR helmet and so needs to be improved, etc. but VR all-in-one is very promising in the future, its portability is a big advantage, and VR all-in one is platform , with long-term vitality.
Meanwhile, Trulyway made some changes on VR all-in-one in the design and development, improved the limitations of VR on the market and meet the needs of experiencer better:
1.5.5 inch LCD 
2.Screen distance is adjustable
3.Adjustable lens direction
4.Heat dissipation more easily 
5.Support spectacled to use
Here, Let"s experence the amazing design of Trulyway private mode VR all-in-one.